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12 Best Divorce Books For Men: Secrets To Coping With Divorce

Divorce books for men are designed to provide information about how to cope with feelings, as well as how to deal with the ex-wife or ex-husband after a divorce. Divorce books for men offer useful information on coping with feelings, such as anger and resentment, and also offer strategies on how to manage contact (or lack thereof) with an ex-spouse.

What are some of the best divorce books for men?

There are a lot of divorce books for men out there, but not all of them are worth reading. We’ve found some of the best divorce books for men that will help them to understand the emotional side of divorcing and give them valuable advice on how to cope with it.

Divorce books for men offer advice on how to cope with your feelings, especially when you’re dealing with fear, anger, and abandonment. Divorce books for men also provide valuable information on how to deal with your ex-wife or ex-husband.

How To Prepare Yourself For Divorce

Before you break the news to your spouse, do some research and ask yourself:

  • Is it worth it?
  • What should I do?
  • When should we tell the kids?
  • How will we tell them?
  • Who will take care of them?
  • How can I prepare myself for divorce financially?
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The Mental Breakdown of Divorce

There are many mental breakdowns that occur after a breakup. One of the most common mental breakdowns is feeling like you are physically detached from your body.

When someone has experienced a breakup, they may start to think that all their emotions are done reacting or experiencing. This is not true because people continue to experience different emotions after the breakup due to trauma, guilt, and other feelings.

Divorce is often more difficult than a breakup and can lead to more severe mental breakdowns like depression and suicidal behaviors.

Why Are Some Men So Stubborn About Achieving 100% Custody

A custody battle is when the parents of a child disagree on where the child should live. Custody battles are not just about who gets to keep the child. They can also involve things like where the child will go to school, medical care, and religious upbringing.

Conclusion/Final Thoughts

Divorce can be a difficult process, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. There are plenty of good divorce books that can help you get through this difficult time. These books offer guidance and tips to help you navigate the legal and emotional complexities of divorce. Divorce will always be painful, but these books can lighten the load by providing clarity and encouragement.

Stay motivated towards your life’s goals and don’t allow this single moment or situation define the rest of your life. You are bigger than this situation if you make yourself available to ADOPT CHANGE.

Here is a list of some of the best divorce books for men. 

This book is full of great pieces of advice for any man going through the difficult period of divorce. It’s full of practical, thoughtful pieces of advice which is fairly easy to implement. It will help to guide you on your path to overcoming the stresses of divorce and become the man you were meant to be.

This book is a man’s manual for recovering from divorce and beginning another life. With regards to getting one’s life back together after divorce, the majority of the great advice out there is intended for women. What is accessible for men centers around monetary and lawful concerns, instead of individual or relationship concerns. 

If you are a man who is divorced or separated, you know the heartache, loneliness, and sense of loss the end of a marriage can bring. Since 80% of divorces are filed by wives, chances are you know the shock of hearing that the woman you married wants to leave. Such a revelation can cause a downward spiral that few people are equipped to handle.

For many men, breakups are brutal experiences. In fact, according to the research, they are even harder on guys than they are on women. No Breakup Can Break You is packed with everything you need to know to bounce back after getting broken up with. The book helps you become the man you’ve always wanted to be even after breakup.

The author wrote this book as he was going through the worst breakup of his life. He spent countless hours researching, reading, and writing his thoughts as he struggled through the various stages of loss and coming to terms with his new reality. This book will help take you through your divorce journey and provide exercises to help you overcome whatever state of mind you currently find yourself in.

This book explores the most important issues in men’s lives―from career and family to women and intimacy to love and spirituality. It is a practical guidebook for living a masculine life of integrity, authenticity, and freedom

If you’re overwhelmed by the prospect of divorce or you’re simply fed up with one-size-fits-all online articles and advice, you need Divorce and Your Money: How to Avoid Costly Divorce Mistakes. This book will help you manage all the crisis associated with divorce and gain back your emotional and financial freedom. 

Whether you’re newly divorced or have been divorced for a long while, feelings of shame, anger and regret can linger for months and even years. The good news is that you have a choice about how you want to view your divorce experience. You have the power to reinvent divorce for yourself in a way that makes you stronger, happier and more peaceful.

This marriage devoice book was written for people who want to eliminate the unnecessary drama of Co-parenting with a high-conflict ex.

Co-parenting does not have to take a toll on physical and emotional well-being. This books will show you how to handle co-parenting after devoice.

This book helps you with handling major financial decisions when going through divorce. It include advice on negotiating a comprehensive settlement, achieving financial stability after divorce, etc.

This book helps you overcome the grief you experience after the lost of love. It discusses the variety of reactions that people experience because of the loss of a love and provides numerous recommendations for coping with pain and achieving comfort. It is highly recommended for both men and women of all ages.

Letting go is not a process that comes naturally to us. In a world that teaches us to cling to what we love at all costs, there is an undeniable art to moving on – and it’s one that we are constantly relearning.

The book explores the harsh reality of what it means to let go of the people and situations we love most – often before we are ready to – and how to embrace what comes next.

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Bonus Video: No matter what suffering divorce have caused you, don't divorce yourself from yourself.

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