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About Us

We review and recommend books that change live.

We use books to keep people inspired and motivated so that they can create values and change the world.

Who We Are: A group of inspiring and motivated researchers, and books reviewers from across the world.

What We Do: We research, review and recommend life-changing books to our audience.

Our mission: To change lives one book at a time. 

What Inspired our work: Our work was inspired by the words of an 90 years old African grandma who never saw the inside of a classroom. In spite of that, she gave one of the most inspirational and motivational statements to her grandson.

She said to her grandson, “Good books are gifts and talents expressed on papers”.

If we will make our lives any better, if we will change the world, then we must begin to appreciate and utilize the gifts and talents that have been expressed on papers and, in these modern times, on screens as well.

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Best selling books

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